Who Is Andy Schmookler, and Why Should We Listen to Him?

Andrew Bard Schmookler — award-winning author and 2012 Democratic candidate for Congress — sees dangerous elements at play in our nation’s politics. His remarkable record of intellectual achievement and work in politics means we should listen when explains what’s gone wrong in America.

People have said this about Andy:

“One of the great intellectual integrators of the 20th century.”
– Joseph Montville, director, Program on Healing Historical Memory, George Mason University
“A brilliant moral philosopher with his ear to the ground is just the debate coach the country needs.”
– Jack Miles, author, Pulitzer Prize-winning God: A Biography
“One of the foremost interpreters of our time, taking into account both older and newer sensibilities.”
– John Dillenberger, professor of Historical Theology, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
“Hundreds of books discuss the market, but . . . no one else has written with this deep an insight.”
– Lester W. Milbrath, professor of political science and environmental policy at Duke, Northwestern and SUNY  Buffalo
“Dr. Schmookler has demonstrated time and again his ability to bridge the gaps between specialists in international affairs, to integrate the contributions of economists, political scientists, anthropologists, physical scientists, and to draw persuasive conclusions with eloquence.”
– Penelope Hartland-Thunberg, senior economist, Center for Strategic and International Studies
“His intelligence is both subtle and wide-ranging . . . a man of enormous talents and resources.”
– Robert Bellah, Elliott Professor of Sociology, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley
“Arguably the greatest nonfiction book ever written . . . The Parable of the Tribes is an awesome achievement that will completely restore your faith in human nature.”
– Philip Callas, customer review on amazon.com
“[Andy] has the personal integrity, the egoless devotion to our country . . . to speak the truth, not only to power, but to us all.”
– Olivia Mellan, psychotherapist and author
“[Andy gave] one of the most impressive public presentations I have ever seen.”
– Jeffrey Smith, professor of Humanities, Stanford University
“[Out of Weakness is] a wide-ranging and deeply thoughtful meditation on the psychological sources of the danger to humanity created by the advent of weapons of mass destruction.”
– Dr.Jerome D. Frank, author, Sanity and Survival in the Nuclear Age
“Changing the nation.”
– Esquire magazine

Andy Schmookler lays it all out in this six-minute video that went viral from his campaign for Congress, described as A Real Democrat Gives One of the Best, Most Kick-A** Political Speeches I’ve Ever Seen! by Lowell Feld, editor Blue Virginia.